Choosing Home Insurance Right

Why You Should Get Home Insurance If You Want To Feel Safe

No one likes paying for things they don’t need. No one wants to buy a new computer when they don’t need one. No one is going to buy a brand new car when their car from last year still runs fine. This is a normal human desire, and everyone does it.

Unfortunately, humans are terrible at risk assessment. People think a violent criminal will attack them even though more toddlers have killed people in the U.S. than certain other segments of supposedly terrifying people. People will be scared of getting struck by lightening but think that they can have a few drinks and be “good to drive”. Maybe that’s true. Maybe they are. But all it takes is once and their life can be ruined forever.

This is the same with home insurance. People presume they don’t really need it because they haven’t had a single disaster destroy their home. Some people never have a home disaster in their entire lives. They go from birth to death without a single event that might force them to rebuild their entire home and list of possessions. Because this is true, many people think they don’t need home insurance.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Home Insurance And What It Does

Home insurance exists to help pay for things should something destroy your home or possessions. Many people don’t realize that home insurance covers a lot more things than just full destruction. Yes, it can cover that. If your home is destroyed, either by natural disaster or a man-made disaster, home insurance can help you get back up on your feet.

But in many cases, home insurance can cover specific things. Each insurance company is different, and insurance companies tend to offer more than one insurance package, so the exact details of what can and can not be covered can vary.

However, anything that’s a major home expense can be covered. This means you can cover things like flooring, painting or wallpaper, a specific room, or any other major part of the home. Whether it’s a young child playing with paint and deciding the wall is the canvas, or home invaders taking all your major electronics, home insurance can help cover that.

The Rise Of Natural Disasters

With so many people in positions of power claiming climate change doesn’t exist, things have gotten dangerous in coastal areas. Hurricanes are happening more often, and things only look to get worse before they can get better.

This means that if you live along the coast of the U.S., you need to start thinking ahead. Having home insurance can help if a hurricane big enough to destroy a city happens your way. And it can happen, as several recent incidents prove. Hurricane Katrina nearly ruined the city of New Orleans, and Florida gets hit by four or five different hurricanes a year. More if you count the number of tropical storms!

Plain and simple, home insurance can help ensure that you don’t lose your life as well as your home. You may have to fight with the insurance company, but you’ll be much happier that you have some help coming. Especially since your other option is no help at all!

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Find Great Home Insurance And Feel Safe

Home insurance can get expensive, and you should keep that in mind. You don’t want to get cheap insurance because cheap insurance doesn’t cover anything. Even if it sounds like it covers things, insurance companies don’t charge you low prices because they hate money.  For our insurance recommendation, we recommend the James Jenkins Agency.   You can check out their James Jenkins Agency Vimeo Page

So before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you get the insurance coverage you actually need. Once you do, you’ll feel much more secure in your own home.  For more info, check out their Tumblr Page