Digital Marketing Is Changing Marketing

With the coming of the internet, the complete scenario of marketing has changed drastically over the past two decades. Marketing is the way of communication between the seller and the client/customer with the agenda of selling one’s product or service. It has the past that can be traced back to as early as 19th century. Print marketing was one of the first few ways in which people were told about the product that was being sold in the marketplace. The early marketing strategy came to be known as the Pre-Digital Age. Advertising has been a key branch of marketing, it is the technique used to draw the attention of the target audience. But, how was advertising done in the past??

During the Pre-Digital Age printed work was given much significance, these came up in the form of advertisements in the newspapers, phonebooks, pamphlets, posters, billboards etc. Television advertisements, Telemarketing and radio advertisements were other methods used to reach the customers. The rise in the digital marketing sector had wounded the print market. Most of the marketing trends of this age are still prevalent in today’s time but that charm of print marketing will never be the same.

Time elapsed and then came up the Digital Age. Digital Age marketing focuses mainly on the internet, research, strategy, product, branding, and advertising. This age has a lot to do with the internet. Over 80% of the U.S. population has an access to internet. Digital marketing has become all-encompassing in the field of marketing. Earlier the traditional outbound marketing trends were used but as the times and trends are rapidly changing, inbound marketing is in vogue, it is about harmonizing the way you sell your product with the actual way in which people want to shop. Inbound marketing involves numerous forms of pull marketing which includes Blogging, SEO (search engine optimization), pages, social publishing, content marketing, events and much more to attract and lure the right audience to you rather than you fighting your brains out and running behind people for their attention.
The future of marketing is quite bright. As we browse through the internet we come across an infinite number of advertisements. Watching a video on YouTube means encountering at least 2 to 3 advertisements. Social media marketing means gaining the interest of people on the social media. This incorporates mainly Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram which have all taken to being the biggest marketing forums in today’s era. With the ever increasing number of viewers on the social media, small businesses can reach new heights just by publicizing about their product or brand on these sites.
Mobile Marketing, Breaking the new ground: From first generation computers to the cell phone, to tablets, the small gadget has now evolved into a smartphone. Gadget growth has shown the great transformation. It is a stated fact that mobile users cannot leave their phones even for 6 minutes. 90% internet users check their social media profiles and emails on mobile devices only. Marketing companies are using this phone addiction of mobile users to their advantage. These smartphones are enabling brands to build up close relationships with their customers so as to provide them with the best of services and offers. People prefer browsing the internet on their mobile phones to a certain extent than on their desktops because a cell phone is convenient, easy, portable, and smaller in size, something that doesn’t need much time to open. Mobile marketing has been one of the top 3 marketing trends past few years. With newer mobile advertising ideas and mobile apps coming up, this marketing trend is sure to go a long way.

Do you know what User Generated Content is? User-generated Content is actually a form of content that has been put up by the consumers in the form of reviews and comments. This type of marketing is expected to create a big buzz in the marketing arena as the user here promotes the brand or the product rather than the brand doing it their self. Here the brand has to make sure that they develop a positive impact of their brand in the client’s psyche. If they are not successful in doing so then this might lead to the brand’s downfall.

By understanding the past, present and considering the future trends of the marketing. You can rest assured that marketing and Digital marketing has a future that is extremely brilliant and dazzling.